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November 1, 2019

Douglas T.

real cash payout games

Real Cash Payout Games - Risk Free

Play real cash payout games on an online gaming platform that is fun, exciting, and risk-free. Players can win great prizes and real cash, but never ante-up, so you never lose money. When you win, a dollar-for-dollar matching gift is gifted to your chosen charity. This takes winning to a whole new level. What a great feeling! Whether you play just for fun or you play for your favorite charity, 360WIN is always the best choice to play.

How To Play To Win

There are two levels of play – a Qualifier and a Real Cash Game. To get into a Real Cash Game, all you have to do is finish in the top half of a Qualifier. If you don’t, just play again for free!

Why You never Pay

You never have to ante-up in any of the real cash payout games, so you can never lose money. How is that possible? Prizes are fully funded by advertisers and sponsors, with a very cool method within the game. here's how...only during Qualifiers, you’ll be shown a few short video ads followed by some simple questions. With every right answer, you earn more chips, giving you an advantage in the Qualifier. This is how you play, but you never pay. Players love this ingenious method.

Quickest Path to Success

360WIN offers the quickest paths to success in the industry. Most online sites force you to go through complicated, endless rounds of play, just to win small prizes. But with 360WIN, finish in the top 50% of any qualifier and you get right into a real cash game, with ever-growing prize pools.

Quickest Path To Success

Play Any Where, Any Way, Any Time

360WIN is designed to be played on all major platforms – PC or MAC, Apple or Android, tablet or phone, all are included. You can play exciting games at home, on the bus, at the beach, in the park - wherever you want. Remember, [360WIN] is available 24/7, so you can get in on the action any time, real cash payout games, day or night.

Gaming For Good

When you win, the Company will make a dollar-for-dollar matching gift to the charity of your choice. This is a new, no-maintenance revenue stream for your favorite charity, that doesn’t require donations. You’ll have a great time, win money, and help others as well. Gaming for Good gives winning a whole new meaning!

Charity Match Play

Real cash payout games, now you can win and help others at the same time! Just select a favorite charity. Every time you win, a dollar-for-dollar donation on your behalf will be sent to your selected charity. Current list of charities are:

  • MillionKids
  • American Nurses Foundation
  • Community Food Pantry Murrieta
  • Filling The Gap
  • Giving Hope
  • Rescue The Universe

Spread The Love To Your Favorite Charity

Whatever You Win, Your Favorite Charity Also Wins

Spread The Love

If you are a charity and would like to participate in the 360WIN program, or if you would like to nominate a charity, please [Sign Up Here].

Advertising Made Easy

Advertisers products or services are immersed into the game. Players earn chips by watching advertisers ads and answering questions about their brand. Players can earn a real game advantage by paying close attention to each ad and correctly answering questions about the ads. This in turn generates more overall views or traffic for advertisers.

Generous Referral Program

Anyone can request to be an affiliate and refer/send players to the website. The company offers the most generous referral program available. When referred players win, their sponsors also win – a full, matching amount! Real cash payout games at [360WIN], unquestionably has one of the best referral programs online. 

A True Win-Win For Advertisers, Players and Charities

Creative Interactive Advertising

  • Ad blockers are not used: the games are opt-in
  • Players are incentivized to watch advertisers ads
  • Players earn chips by paying close attention and interacting with ads which results in more ad views and more exposure for advertisers.
  • Ad Agreements are based on the number of people/players who see the ad

Advertisers get more ad views and more exposure to their brand because players earn chips by paying close attention and interacting with ads.

No-Risk Gaming for Players

  • Players do not invest money to play games
  • Advertising & sponsorship dollars fund player winnings

Players enjoy real cash payout games risk-free. Players play but never pay so they never lose their own money.   

Huge Benefit for Charities 

  • Charities Benefit When Players Win
  • A dollar-for-dollar match of player winnings is donated to a charity

Charities benefit because all player winnings are matched dollar for dollar. Charities get a new revenue stream that is maintenance-free. This is an amazing benefit for charities.

Real cash payout games, a true win-win for advertisers, players and charities.

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Real Cash Payout Games


Players Do Not Pay To Play Games

Player Winnings are Funded by Advertising & Sponsorship Dollars

Match Play For Charities.  When a Player Wins, a dollar-for-dollar match of player winnings is donated to the winning players approved charity. 

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